Did you know that there are 300,000 items in the average American home? Over the years, people accumulate stuff, whether it’s clothes, knick-knacks, kitchen items, toiletries, books, the list is endless.

With all of the stuff, people need places to keep it or put it in storage. Keep reading and we will walk you through five shelving solutions that help you maximize space and storage with all of your things that you don’t want to give up.

5 Small-Space Shelving Solutions for Your Home

The garage, attic, bathroom or kitchen cabinets and bedroom closets are just a few places you can maximize space to store your things. You can get creative and really fit a lot in each spot.

We will go through solutions that will help you keep organized and use the space you have. We are here to help you keep that trophy from middle school baseball or photo-books of memories from over the years.

1. Organizers

You can find expandable or regular drawer, pantry, desk, shelf, and more organizers. They create a place for everything and help you get organized at the same time.

You will find that some are made of Resipreme plastic, which is durable and will last you a long time. One example is you can get expandable raised pantry organizers, where you can stack cans and create more space with a modern touch.

2. Hanging Storage

Hanging things always helps create more space and leaves more shelf space. For example, in your garage, you can hang rakes, leaf blowers, or brooms. You can hang wall tracks to hold each of these items up in your garage.

You can also use hanging storage in your closet or bathroom. One example is a hanging shoe rack to keep shoes from being mismatched and all over your closet floor. You can hang shower shelves off of your shower head and put all of your toiletries in there while freeing up drawer space.

3. Bookcases

Bookcases sneakily provide a lot of shelving space and storage. You can get ones with a modern or decorative feel and keep anything from books to vases to art to pictures on it.

You can get creative, there are foldable bookshelves and smaller sized ones you can fit behind a door or in a small corner. There are ways to free up space and also add to your living space.

4. Rolling Racks

There are a lot of rolling shelve options you can use to store kitchen items or create space in a kitchen closet. These are nice because you can move them around and create more space.

You can also fold in the sides to make them smaller. If you have no need to for them, you can easily store in a closet.

5. Bins

Bins, whether you get plastic bins or cubbies, are a great way to create storage in your closet. You can fill and stack them, creating neat storage in your closet or attic.

You can also use small bins and fill them with cereal, snacks, or sweets as another form of storing food. There are so many size bins you can find one to fit anywhere.

Get Shelves Maximize Space

Now that you have great shelving solutions and storage options, start to maximize your space.

Your garage, closets, the attic, you can find space in all of these areas of your house.

Garage Force is here to help you re-coat your garage floors and create a clean space for storage. Contact us today with questions and for more information.