Most Americans use their garages as extra storage space. It’s a great idea, but it’s easy for all the clutter to get out of control. 

If your garage is a potentially hazardous disaster zone, it may be time to update the garage. Follow the 7 great organizing tips for garage storage below to get back on track.

1. Deep Cleaning

Before even beginning the process of organization, make sure to give your garage a deep cleaning. It’s an area of the house that is too often neglected and may have some built-up dirt and grime. Make sure to wear the right clothing and gear when wiping down walls and clearing cobwebs.

If the floor is badly stained by cars and tools, consider hiring a floor coating contractor that uses something stronger than epoxy

2. Determine Categories

Once the deep cleaning is done, organize your garage items into categories. Some common categories are tools, camping gear, holiday goods, and cleaning supplies. 

Once the items are separated, you can decide how best to store them. Would the holiday goods be best stored in a bin? Do the tools need their own work station?

3. Hang Wall Tracks

Wall tracks can help keep things off the floor that may trip and injure someone walking through. Tall, awkward items like rakes and shovels can easily be hung on the wall. 

The best part of wall tracks and pegboards is that they use up the plentiful vertical space in a garage, rather than taking up lateral space. 

4. Build a Station

If you have tons of tools or painting supplies, it may be useful to build a work station. Of course, you need the garage space to do so. 

A work station often includes a bench, cabinets, and pegboards. 

5. Construct Shelves

Shelving units are common in most American garages, but even these can become cluttered. Make sure the shelve space is used effectively. 

Shelves are great for holding bins. Make sure everything is labeled and organized together by their categories. 

6. Consider Overhead Space

Few people realize the untapped potential of a garage’s overhead space. Shelves or racks attached to the ceiling can free up so much floor space in a garage.

Don’t forget to consider load-bearing weight before moving items onto overhead shelves or racks. 

7. Use Bins

Bins are great storage for items you don’t use often. Holiday goods only appear once a year, and can easily be stored in bins when not in use. Bins are also perfect for out-of-season clothes or camping gear.

Don’t forget to label bins so you can find what you need easily when the time comes. 

Update Your Garage

Don’t put it off — update the garage now. It doesn’t have to be accomplished in a day, but it’s an important project that will improve the aesthetics and functionality of your home. At the end of all your hard work, it’s something you can be proud of. 

If you’re ready to update your garage, contact us to learn more about our different garage floor coating systems.