Are you satisfied with the look of your patio space? If so, great!

But, unfortunately, it won’t stay this nice on its own. A year from now, the patio will look dirty and weathered—not satisfying at all. Unless you put in the proper maintenance, that is.

If you want to keep your patio looking as fresh as it is right now, keep reading. The following guide lists the tips you need to keep your patio clean and undamaged by the weather. Apply these tips to keep your patio space well-maintained for years to come.

1. Waterproof Fabrics

Rather than struggling with extra maintenance to keep your outdoor living space nice, why not make it easier from the start? When choosing patio furniture, invest in the most weatherproof items you can find. These will be made of waterproof fabrics and may have extra qualities like resistance to dirt, sun, or pool chlorine.

They may cost a little more up front than the less durable options. But it’s worth it to reduce the amount of work you have to do to keep your patio space looking its best.

2. Covering the Patio

Next, cover your patio and furniture to protect it from harsh weather. If you can, keep it covered by shade at all times so it doesn’t get weathered by UV rays. When it rains for several days, cover it all to keep it dry.

If you have a TV or other outdoor entertainment, these must be protected, too. There are weatherproof enclosures you can buy that are specifically designed to keep TVs and other electronic devices shielded for outdoor use.

3. Coating the Patio

You can also add additional waterproofing with various sealants and other coatings. First, use a water/stain-resistant weatherproofing spray such as Scotchgard on fabrics and furniture.

Be sure to follow the instructions about which materials the product can be used on. And always test a small, inconspicuous area of the furniture first.

The patio itself can also be sealed. This is best done by professionals to make sure it’s done right and with the right product. In addition to weatherproofing, this can also add beautiful color and/or texture to your patio, especially if it’s a concrete patio.

4. Cleaning the Patio

Lastly, clean the patio and furniture regularly. Most waterproof patio furniture can be lightly scrubbed down once a month with water and a gentle cleanser.

But, of course, follow the cleaning instructions that come with the furniture. If these instructions are lost, try to get them from the manufacturer.

Likewise, you’ll have to look up how to clean your patio based on what it’s made of. Or, if you have it professionally sealed, ask the company who sealed it how to keep it clean.

Keep the Patio Looking Great With These 4 Weatherproofing Tips

Keeping the patio presentable and in good condition really isn’t that hard. Just follow these 4 tips to maintain a guest-worthy patio all year long.

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