Roughly 42 percent of the American workforce is now working from home, according to the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. Moreover, 26% of those working from home are conducting essential services for their professions.

With so many people working from home, it’s important to consider a garage work space. This is a great way to add space and create a fun and functional area in your home that’s ready for work.

In the following article, we’ll discuss a few ways to make the garage work space a thing of beauty.

1. The Garage Work Space Needs a Foundation

In football, you build from the inside out. A good coach selects unheralded offensive and defensive line players before looking for those sexy skill players that grab all the headlines. 

The same is true with a garage work space. That foundation currently is probably that hum-drum, non-functional garage floor. 

Rough concrete is hard, ugly, stains easily, and is downright impossible to clean. Grit and grime get into it’s pours and sticks around. It doesn’t matter if you are developing a workspace for general office functions or a spot to woodwork or conduct equipment maintenance — flooring matters. 

For example, let’s discuss a garage floor renovation using a Full or Decorative Chip system. This aesthetically appealing and functional system supplies a beautiful finish, is anti-slip, and can handle heavy loads while not losing its luster. It cleans up easily and is impervious to grease, grime, and oil spills. 

2. Maximize Your Work Space

It doesn’t matter if you are a stockbroker or a wood manufacturer; maximizing your usable area is crucial to setting up a garage work space. 

Start by getting rid of clutter and unnecessary items from the area in the garage you plan to work from. This is crucial because you need to envision the space, make measurements for furniture and equipment, and you absolutely can’t have unwanted items that you’ll have to navigate around.

Also, sketch out your workspace. Make sure to have a checklist of what you’ll need. 

Lastly, lighting matters. A good flooring system can help lighten a garage, but you’ll want to make sure friendly and warm lighting is available. Those old fluorescents that hum until your headaches will probably need to go.

3. Add Personal Touches

Your garage work space needs to reflect your personality. Add flourishes that will make you want to spend time in the space. You don’t want to dread stepping into a dreary garage office. Do you need an installer to add a cool Metallic Floor System? Do it. Do you need to invest in some framed art? A TV or a fridge? Do it.

Whatever your aesthetic and personal needs are, take the time to indulge them on the front end so you can get to work and be productive. 

It’s Still a Garage

Finally, one of the most important things to consider when developing your garage work space is to decide if the temperature and humidity in the space will work. You need to decide if you will like working in cool weather or when it gets hot and sticky. You may need to insulate your space, add a space heater, or a dehumidifier.

Remember, if you are comfortable in your space, then there are fewer distractions, and more work will get done.

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