If you haven’t joined the outdoor-living bandwagon yet, now is the time to jump on board. 

Adding a patio has been shown to increase property value by 12.4 percent and is one of the top ten features that attract home buyers. Covid-19 has escalated the need for outdoor space, not just in homes, but in businesses as well. 

The perfect patio will add value and enjoyment to your home and will drive more traffic to your business. Read on to discover the two key elements you need to consider in your patio design. 


The site for your patio affects how much it is used and how well it will serve its purpose. If the intended purpose is for outdoor dining, it doesn’t make sense to build your patio far away from the kitchen. If your goal is to draw people to your business then your patio should be visible from the street or sidewalk. 

Another factor when decided the location is a microclimate.  In any outdoor space, it is essential to make sure your site has enough sun but also ample shade. If you are designing a patio for a restaurant, or other business, you will also need to consider wind, noise, privacy, the surrounding views, and handicap accessibility. 


In creating the style for your outdoor space there are several things you will need to keep in mind.

The style should match that of your home or business and the purpose it is to serve. Take into account the size, structure, and landscaping that will reinforce the look you are going for.


The first thing you need to consider is the size of the patio. 

Large patios are expensive. If you prefer small gatherings, or if your business isn’t equipped for many extra customers, plan for a smaller design.  On the other hand, if social distancing plays a role in your success, it may be beneficial to build a larger outdoor space to accommodate more guests. 

Check with your local zoning board first before making any concrete plans and be aware of any building regulations in your area. 

Perfect Patio Flooring

A patio should provide a level and firm surface for entertaining and seating guests. You want the floor to be strong to withstand the elements while also being good-looking. Create a long-lasting and attractive patio floor with a polyurea coating

Polyurea floor coatings are resistant to sun and weather damage and are up to 20 times stronger than epoxy. The installation time is much faster than most alternatives so you can get the job done quicker. With a variety of different colors and textures, you can find the best coating to match the style of your patio all while saving money in the process. 


A patio is often open and exposed but it shouldn’t feel that way. Consider adding an overhead structure or a pergola to your plans to add style and a sense of privacy.

Gardens and potted plants add character and style.  Colorful flowers and herbs will add natural beauty and ambiance to an outdoor living space that your guests will appreciate. 

Create a Master Plan

When designing the perfect patio, the goal is to draw people to your space. Whether at your home, or place of business, it is important to offer your guests an outdoor space that is comfortable and enjoyable. 

Create a master plan that will keep you on track. Contact us to get started and to learn more on making your patio dreams a reality.