Cleaning your workshop can be a hassle, but it’s something that you can’t avoid doing. From dirt and dust to crumbling concrete floors, you need to stay on top of the mess so that you can avoid any potential accidents.

If you haven’t been maintaining a tidy space lately, your workshop might look like a bit of a wreck. Don’t worry! There is hope. You can still get the clean, organized workshop that you’ve been dreaming about.

Continue reading to learn how to update your workshop and make maintaining it a simpler task.

Coat Your Workshop Floors

Make your life easier with a concrete coating over your workshop floor. Our polyurea and polyaspartic coatings are stronger than epoxy and made to last. 

Garage Force floor coating acts as a protective barrier and protects the original concrete floor from chipping, spalling, or breaking. It is slip-resistant and easy to maintain. It is extremely durable and resistant to damage. 

This floor coating is both stain and chemical resistant. They are resistant to UV and will not fade or yellow. These coatings seal the concrete floor and make it look amazing.

Install an Air Cleaner

Make sure you have proper ventilation in your workshop. Allow for any dust to get outside so that you don’t breathe it in. At the same time, you want to make sure that your doors are sealed to prevent outside dirt from getting inside. 

You can have an air filtration system installed in your workshop to provide you with cleaner air and to minimize the amount of dust and dirt that may stay in the air longer than necessary.

Have Cabinets Installed

If most of your tools and material are thrown wherever it fits in your workshop, it is making it less accessible. Having industrial cabinets installed will make a world of difference. 

Once your workshop is more organized you will have better workshop access. There will be a place for everything and everything will be in its place. When everything is out of the way, you will be safer in the workshop environment.

Maintaining Cleanliness

Cleaning your workshop is still something you will have to do even after incorporating all of these things. Get into a cleaning routine, regardless of how tedious it may be. Make it a point to clean after finishing each project.

Cleaning up as you go along can go a long way in maintaining cleanliness in your workshop. Use a vacuum rather than a broom to collect more dirt and dust. Make sure you wipe down your workspace between projects as well.

A Clean Workshop Is a Safe Workshop

The work that you do in your workshop is important to you. Taking care of your workshop and including all of these things into your workshop’s setup will make your life so much easier.

We want to help you obtain your dream: a cleaner, more accessible workshop. Contact us today to get a free quote or to book an appointment.