Did you know that 55% of Americans spend 1-2 hours a week in the garage? From doing hobbies to watching sports, the garage is a multi-purpose room where anything is possible.

Even if you use your garage to park cars and store items, you need it to be able to stand up to the outdoor elements that often make their way in.

Read on to learn the top 5 reasons you need a new coating on your garage floor. 

1. You See Cracks

Cracks in your garage floor are a sign of the freeze-thaw cycle. Your floor freezes in winter and thaws in the warmer months. As this temperature change happens over and over, you will see more and more cracks.

Cracks aren’t just unappealing. They can also damage your tires on your car.

A new coating on your garage floor will include a protective sealant. This will prevent moisture from getting to the concrete and causing cracks. 

2. An Uneven Surface

Do you find you lose your balance as you walk in your garage? Or perhaps round things roll and stop in dips along the floor. 

It’s normal for the ground to settle. Yet, when your floor is full of dips and inclines, it’s time to consider the options for coating your garage.

A new coat will balance out the imperfections in the ground. You’ll get a nice, flat even surface.

3. Serious Stains

The garage is the place where you do messy projects, store outdoor items, and park your car.

Over time, oil, paint, water, and dirt stains on the floor add up. These can permanently stain your concrete garage floor.

The good news is that garage floor coating contractors can pour a coating that covers this damage. Plus, our patented polyurea garage floor coatings are about 20 times stronger than epoxy coatings. They are also stain-resistant so that your floor won’t get future stains. 

4. Water Pooling on Floor 

Your garage should be able to get rid of spilled water fairly quickly. Whether it’s a leaky hose or rain and snow off the car, the moisture shouldn’t stick around.

Sometimes, when your floor is worn, the coat isn’t able to keep moisture out. Even small amounts of water can do lots of damage to a concrete floor.

You will need a new coating to prevent water from getting into the concrete’s pores.

5. Pits and Corrosion

If you have a painted garage floor, it will pit and corrode over time. With road salt, dirt and sand coming in on your tires and shoes, subpar coatings can’t stand up to these elements.

When you see lots of little marble-sized holes or larger spots of corrosion on the garage floor, it’s time for a new coating.

Our coatings are completely resistant to all stains and chemicals including salt, grease, gasoline, and anything else you might spill. 

With this coat, you will be able to enjoy a smooth garage surface for many more years.

New Coating, New Life

Thanks for reading. We hope this article has helped you understand when it’s time to get a new coating for your garage floors.

Remember, your garage floor can take quite a beating. With a coating that is best in its class, your flooring will be able to withstand whatever you throw at it.

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