Many homeowners want space for workshops. More than a few look at their garage and think, “I could have workshop out there.”

A garage can make for an excellent workshop, but it’s not always simple. A garage gets built for car storage, not power tools and heavy machinery.

If you’re thinking about turning your garage into a workshop, keep reading for five garage workshop mistakes you should avoid.

1. Poor Flooring

A garage takes a lot of abuse from a lot of sources. This can leave your floor pitted, uneven, or cracked.

Once you start building stuff out in your garage, those flaws can create poor footing. Even worse, bare concrete stains easily from common workshop materials. Plus, cracks become a haven for accumulated grime, sawdust, or dropped nails.

A good floor coating not only evens out imperfections in the floor, but it protects the surface.

2. Insufficient Power

Power tools draw amperage just like any other electrical appliance. While small power tools can typically function fine on a basic 15-amp circuit, larger machines often demand a 30-amp circuit for safety.

Electrical shorts are no joke and can cause building fires. If your garage isn’t wired with the proper circuits, bring in a professional electrician.

3. Insufficient Insulation

Many garages don’t have insulation. While that’s fine for storing a car out of the rain, it’s less than ideal for a garage workshop. If you plan on doing any woodworking, for example, freezing temperatures will ruin water-based stains.

Beyond that, there is also the question of your own comfort. Working in either a sweltering or freezing garage can make any kind of work challenging.

Hire a contractor and insulate the space. It will dramatically improve temperature control.

4. Insufficient Lighting

They say the perfect is the enemy of the good. Well, poor lighting is the enemy of good work. A poorly lit workspace is an invitation for lost parts, bad measurements, and uneven finishes.

Get some LED fixtures installed and avoid the problems.

5. Bad Storage Design

A garage has limited square footage, but a workshop needs storage for tools. Too many people end up with bulky cabinets that eat space. There are many other storage options that use space more efficiently.

At the outset, consider pegboards for hanging small tools. Shallow shelves and cabinets can store stains, oil, and cleaning supplies.

Avoiding Garage Workshop Mistakes

You can avoid garage workshop mistakes by taking some time and making a plan at the outset. Give your garage a hard once over and ask, “What is missing that I need in here?”

Make a list of those things. While you can probably handle putting up some pegboard, play the odds. Bring in professionals for tasks like wiring, insulating, or floor coating.

You’ll avoid problems with code violations and likely get a better end product.

Is your garage floor the big impediment to your garage workshop dream? Garage Force offers floor coating services in the North, GA area. Contact Garage Force today for questions or more information.